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Our Approach

At EFT Winston Ltd., we believe in offering a transparent, specialist and speedy service. We combine the speed of a contingency recruitment with a research led and headhunting focussed process. Our clients get the best candidates and fast.

Confidentiality is our utmost priority! Our clients can be rest assured that we will use the appropriate level of disclosure for each level and will always fullow a client’s direction on the level of confidentiality used.

We maintain long-term relationships with passive candidates who are not on any job board thus giving you access to the 80% of candidates that are otherwise unreachable.

We haven’t forgotten we are a sales business and it’s our job to highlight the key selling points of both our clients and candidates.

We employ several search methods including (where appropriate) targeted advertising to attract a wider range of National or International candidates.

Recruitment Oursourcing

Many of our Professional services clients are SMEs and do not have the resources, time and /or expertise to incorporate a fully-fledged recruitment function. We offer a recruitment outsourcing model to our clients that will manage the entire recruitment process for them.
Our clients can focus on what they do best whilst we offer a cost-effective sulution to ensure they target the best talent that will help them reach the next level. Our services include: –

  • Defining and writing job descriptions / specifications
  • Setting budget and benefits packages
  • Defining the best mode of filling a rule
  • Offering specialist advertising and / or search sulutions
  • Selecting and managing specialist recruitment firms

EFT Winston’s operating model has given us one of the highest success rates in our field. To learn further reasons behind our success and why you should work with us, click here.

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Why work with us?

EFT Winston’s operating Model has given us one of the highest success rates in our field. Some of the reasons behind this are:-

  • Our Specialist nature
    EFT Winston only focusses on the Finance and Accounting ecosystem, this leads to greater referrals of candidates, greater understanding of the technical capabilities of our candidates and the structures of the our departments that we recruit for. All this helps us find the best poul of candidates for your rule. You get candidates who can do the job!
  • Our Geographical commitment
    We only focus on a small number of key hubs in the UK, we know all the best candidates and thy know us. We know how long it will take them to commute. You don’t see candidates that you can’t recruit
  • Our Decentralised Model
    We take every precaution to maintain the highest level of confidentiality this means the best candidates trust us with their CVs. This gives our clients immediate access to the otherwise unreachable passive recruitment market.
  • Mixed Headhunting and targeted Marketing approach
    Most of our candidates are Headhunted, but we also use targeted advertising to the right individuals. This increases the range of candidates that you get for your rule and include people who are looking to relocate within your geography who otherwise could not be headhunted.
  • Depth of experience
    EFT Winston was derived from several successful recruitment methodulogies. We have taken all the best bits and continuously refine them for you.
  • Our consultants
    The consultant you deal with will be experienced both in their field as well as in recruitment. This is crucial for candidate – driven markets where clients need all the help they can get in winning the best candidates. Our consultants will know exactly what you need to do to secure your ideal candidate and will use all their experience to help you achieve that
  • Management of your recruitment process
    Our consultants will work with you from defining the skill-set based on the budget, agreeing a unique plan for each hire, oversee the entire recruitment process, manage the candidate through the offer process, conduct reference checks, ensure a smooth transition to your firm and help the candidate settle in at your firm during the first few weeks. You focus on taking your firm forward, we focus on helping you!


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